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Manufacturer: UFOring
UFOring Textile Belay Device developed primarily for sandstone but usable also for all other types of rock.
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Manufacturer: Restday

UFOring Textile Belay Device developed mainly for sandstone, but also usable on all other types of rock.

UFOring meets the technical parameters for the CE and EN 12270 standards. Minimum load capacity is 15 Kn.
Excellent options for installation in vertical and horizontal joints and holes. UFOring is equipped with protective rubber that protects both the rock and the product itself from damage.

It also ensures high friction, which is important for safe fall arrest.
Currently, we also offer an option UFOring Ulite - Tex with a textile surface.

UFOring Ulite: the top layer is rubber, a "glue" commonly used on climbers as well .
UFOring Ulite - Tex: the top layer is textile, it uses the same material from which the ufo itself is made.

The product photo is for illustration purposes only.

SizeA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)gMaterial (*)Color
144406085rubber or textilegrey
244457095rubber or textiledark blue
3445075105rubber or textilelight green
4445585120rubber or textileorange
5446595155rubber or textilered
64475100200rubber or textilewhite
74485120255rubber or textileyellow
84495130310rubber or textilelight blue
954115145420rubber or textiledark green
1054145160495rubber or textileblack
A) height
B) width
C) width in the retracted state
* by material is meant the top layer, which may be either rubber or textile